JHipster Master Class (1 day)

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Course Objectives.

We provide this customizable training only to our existing customers or new customers, on-site. Please contact us if you want to jHipsterize your employees and take them to the next level in speed-to-market and quality!The training material was developed by Julien Dubois, Ippon's Chief Innovation Officer and JHipster creator himself.1 day to get up-to-speed with JHipster, and know how to implement a full AngularJS/Spring Boot application with the latest technologies. This is a hands-on training: few slides, lots of code and demos.

Course Material.

  • What is JHipster
  • Standard architecture of a JHipster application
  • Tooling and best practices
Basic technologies used
  • Spring Boot
  • AngularJS
  • Yeoman/Grunt/Bower/Maven
The main generator
  • Installation
  • Available options
  • Generated files
  • How to start correctly a new project
Structure du projet
  • Java project structure
  • Configuration files
  • Structure du code AngularJS
The “entity” sub-generator
  • How to generate a simple CRUD entity
  • Relationship types
  • Using validation
  • Pagination
Available development workflows
  • Adding a new library with Bower
  • Working with BrowserSync to develop the front-end application
  • Database updates with Liquibase
  • Using Spring and Maven profiles
  • The “languages” sub-generator
  • i18n in Java
  • Angular Translate
Database Access
  • Spring Data JPA
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Caching
Advanced Web development
  • Using Websockets
  • Using Thymeleaf templates
  • Available options: stateful, stateless…
  • Remember-me
  • CSRF
  • Using the “User” entity in a many-to-one relationship
  • Mocks and integration testing with Spring
  • UI testing with Karma
  • Performance testing with Gatling
Deploying to production
  • The “prod” profile : front-end minification and server-side tunings
  • Deploying an executable WAR file
  • Deploying on an application server
  • Deploying to the cloud with CloudFoundry


Strong knowledge of Java and JavaScript, in particular Spring, JPA and Angular JS.

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